Hey, there, friend! Welcome to my corner of the internet!

If you love poetry shot with hope and heartache, flash fiction that makes you think, and the occasional bit of sarcastic humor, you just may feel at home here.😊

I’m an old soul who’s young at heart…and that oxymoron just about sums up my entire existence.

I love deep, complex classics (think A Tale of Two Cities) and A.A. Milne’s lighthearted stories about Winnie-the-Pooh. Scrambling up steep ridges in the woods and curling up with a journal and a yummy latte have equal places in my heart. I could run around laughing and joking with my siblings and teenage friends for hours, and yet I could say the same thing about sitting around a kitchen table with elderly friends and listening to the stories they’ve lived.

I just love life: in all of its beautiful rawness.

I think that’s why I write.

To capture the joy of living in words. To hold out the hope that shines from my Savior even in the darkest of nights. To marvel at the wonder of the daily miracles God sustains.

Isn’t He so good?

my aesthetic

sunrises // dirty bare feet // scrunched-nose grin // olive green and navy blue // old books // casseroles // poems handwritten on scrap paper // wild hair // white clover bouquets // windows down // sunny days // rainy evenings // London Fogs // potatoes // twilight rambles

my favorites

my Savior // any time spent with my family // potatoes // deep conversations // getting dirty and sweaty // curling up with a good book and a London Fog // wielding a machete // Charles Dickens // Minnesota bluffs // home // melty string cheese // Bible studies