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dare to dream that there’s more than this broken road,

and that beauty may lie on tomorrow’s edge…

A sequel of sorts to the author’s debut collection, Clarion Hope takes the spark of courage held out in This Will Not Last and fans it into a roaring flame. Over and over again, scars are healed, brokenness is bathed in tears, and fear is buried in the name of the truth and hope of the highest order.

For the boldest warriors and the faint-hearted alike, Clarion Hope is a battle cry to live in the light of the coming Kingdom.


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This Will Not Last: poetry for weary souls

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Raw and achingly honest, This Will Not Last is a collection of poetry that captures the fluctuating emotions that lace life’s pathway. 

Wonder, grief, happiness, and heartache all have their turn to shine in this collection, ultimately bowing to the truth of their transience…and the sturdy realization of God’s unshakeable goodness.  

this death 

this shedding 

of all I’ve known 

must come before the rays of sun 

burst bright upon my soul 

to wake 

a seed of what’s to come. 

this death 

this dying will not last 

this, too 

this, too 

this, too, shall pass. 

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I’ve enjoyed writing poetry since I was about ten years old. I used to think freestyle poetry was ridiculous… until I found myself writing it one day! My first freestyle poem was written a bit like a letter to my great-grandmother, who had recently passed away. I was thirteen years old when I wrote that poem…but it wasn’t until I graduated from high school that I began writing poetry frequently.

Many of my poems are essentially my prayers turned into poetry. (Hint: look for the “You” with a capital “y”.:) ) Otherwise I write a lot about heartache, hope, courage, and life!

I do still write some structured poetry, but find that the freedom of freestyle allows me to express myself more clearly. I still manage to work in some cadence and rhyme, though!:)

You can read my poetry here!