Reflections Blog Tag

Reflections Blog Tag

Last week I was tagged by JadeSky over at Stepping Stones Book Reviews for the Reflections Blog Tag!

The rules:

  • Thank the person who tagged you (Thank you so much, JadeSky! I’m excited to do this.:) )
  • Share 8 things that God has blessed and/or taught you in 2020
  • Tag 5+ bloggers

Let’s get started, then! Here are 8 of the things God taught me and/or used to bless me in 2020.

1. I graduated!!!

photo credit: @thru.t.h.e.lens

Yep. Definitely a big one. That was pretty awesome.:)

2. My thirst for living an unordinary life was finally (partially) slaked.

Oh, so you think your life is boring? You think nothing exciting ever happens in life? Here ya go. *2020 hits me in the face*

3. I was reminded of God’s role as the ultimate plotter/storyteller.

As I studied the ins and outs of developing plot and characters last year, all while watching many Dickens and Austen-esque plot twists/complexities play out in my own life, I was reminded of God’s amazing planning abilities.

Honestly, growing as a writer has helped me to grow as a Christian. As I seek to develop complex plots, I’m able to understand how God works just a little bit more. When He allows my life to get out of control, I remember that a good author makes no mistakes in his plot. “Problems” and seemingly impossible situations are there to be resolved… and so bring glory to the author.

I know God will be glorified through the craziness that I fail to understand in my own life.

4. I gained some quality blogging experience.

I started my blog The Farmer’s Daughter in April of last year and began posting three times a week until late July, when my blogging self crashed a bit for graduation. After that I hopped back up, got this blog rolling, and started posting consistently here in mid-August. The self-imposed deadlines have been really good for me, pushing me to write even when I don’t feel very inspired.

Also, blogging is just plain fun. Most of the time.:)

5. I was thrown out of my comfort zone multiple times.

Being interviewed and judged for a contest, writing and delivering a couple of speeches, initiating conversations and/or keeping them going… yes. It was terrifying, difficult, and so good for me.

6. I came to realize that I really love working on the farm.

This was definitely a surprise for me!

I almost always enjoyed being a farm kid, but never really wanted to keep working on the farm after high school graduation. Enter a fun plot twist in June of 2020, and I land the job of feeding cows several mornings a week… and find that I actually like it. Now I’m enjoying my role on the farm and anxiously awaiting the days when I can once again get scorched on an open station tractor during harvest. XD

Aren’t God’s plans so much better than ours?

7. I learned that, in the long run, it’s easier to remain faithful in the difficult and the mundane than it is to regain lost footing.

With all of the craziness in life last year, I let some of the daily disciplines I’d maintained for years slide. Not a good idea. But… live and learn.

8. God gave me some amazing friendships.

Last year I was able to meet so many new people and forge new friendships. That was pretty amazing.

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As always, thank you for reading! What were some of the ways God blessed/taught you in 2020?