Once Again – A Poem

Two natures fight within me

Clawing for complete control

And the evil one is winning –

Its dark reign I can’t o’erthrow.

For its grasp about my mind

Has left an imprint stiff as stone

And its chains about my heart

Into my flesh o’er time have grown.

And I can’t break from these shackles

That hold all my habits tight

For the rust of time has locked them

And I cry into the night

As I see the one You crafted

To be swift and strong for You

Melted to the mess I am –

How could my heart be so untrue?

Yet the dawn is breaking now

And in the early morning rays

I see the promise of the future

And new mercies with new days

And I see the power of Calvary

Making chains and shackles null

As Your faithfulness transforms me

And my shell falls, dead and dull

As new life is pulsing through me –

Though I’ve stumbled  and I’ve failed,

Still You tell me that renewal

Is one humble step away.

Photo by Federico Respini on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Once Again – A Poem

  1. Laurel, that is amazing how you put the struggle between the flesh and the spirit into such great poetry!
    I plan to share this with a young girl that I have been mentoring. She is from China and has been through a lot.
    May the Lord bless you as you continue to use your talents for His glory!

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    1. Agreed–a beautiful way to express the Christian’s struggle with sin…amazing job with that! 🙂 Reminds me of Romans 7, particularly 19-20 and context when Paul talks of the same struggle.

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