I Hit 25,000 Words!!!

Yes, yes, yes! My novel-in-progress is fleshing out… and it now weighs in at over 25,000 words/17+ chapters!!!

I can hardly believe it…

I should be bouncing off the walls, right? Yet somehow my brain remains in a state of dazed paralysis. Yes, I have written over 25,000 words… but I have at least another 25,000 to go. And then the editing stage. Oh, help. My little girl idea of “Yes, I’ll be a writer because I love to write and I see so many benefits to the writing life” has had a rather rude awakening. Actually forcing yourself to write when you don’t feel like it is part of this deal?

Haha… you dear ignorant little girl.:)

So… you might be wondering about this novel-in-progress. What it’s about, why I haven’t talked about it very much…

The reason I’ve kept (mostly) quiet about it recently is because I don’t plan to publish it in the near future. I want to write a novel or two and get some experience with the whole novel-writing process before I attempt to publish one. I don’t want to be talking about my novel all the time on here, making you think that I’m prepping for publication, only to remain unpublished for years.


If you would like, I can share a little bit about this project… with the understanding that it definitely won’t be hitting the bookshelves anytime soon.:) If you’re interested in hearing about what’s been going on with my novel-in-progress, let me know… and I would love to share some juicy tidbits with you.:)


10 thoughts on “I Hit 25,000 Words!!!

  1. Wahoo for you!! I’m so excited and proud and encouraged by the way you’ve stuck through this. Your perseverance has been so encouraging for me as I’m going into the same season of life soon! And yes, please! I’d LOVE to hear more about your story… even if I can’t read it for a couple more years. 🙂

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  2. Wow! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your journey! It is really inspiring to me as well. If you want to share the ups and downs of the process, or any part of this journey, I would certainly being reading that. I’m very bad about making myself write when I don’t feel like it. It is a point of frustration for me, how easily I get discouraged, and how lazy and unmotivated I am as a writer. Even so, I just keep trying.

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