master of disguise

Happy Thursday, all!

May I present to you… a poem.

a master of disguise is

staring down

the tearful, trembling girl who whimpers

in the mirror.

“behave yourself…

go out and show the world that

you’re just fine.”

a smile plastered for so long and with

such skill

oh, they can’t see

the knot

that’s weighing heavy deep inside

tangible weight

that pulls at propped up corners of her lips

oh, they can’t feel

the sobs

that rip her lungs as


are pouring down her swollen face

and they can’t read

the thoughts

she can’t untangle in her mind or know

the agony

that’s swelling in her chest

oh, they can’t see

and they can’t feel

and they can’t read

and so she cries

and wonders why

and plasters on the mask

Photo by Elisa Ph. on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “master of disguise

  1. WHOA. This is incredibly emotional and relatable to me. It’s super beautiful and looks like you wrote it while crying yourself. Are you okay, girlie? 🤗❤

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    1. Oh, thank you! I’m glad.
      Ah, yes, I’m doing well. For once, one of my more emotional poems was written when I wasn’t crying! XD Here I was drawing from past experience and just observing life.😊 Thanks so much for checking! ❤

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      1. Yes… I think we all have! That’s kind of why I wanted to share this… it’s good to remember that all around us are people who are trying to hide deep hurts. And that we don’t need to hide those hurts from others. We need to bear each other’s burdens!!

        Thank you… same to you!😊

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      2. Yesyesyes and amen!! I’ve tried to put that relatability into my blogging so I can be honest and tell people “hey, I’m human too!” 🤣

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