observe – a poem

Hello, friends!

Today I’m sharing a poem that I wrote while on the Glory Writers retreat…next Monday, keep your eyes peeled for a recap of that trip.:)

observe, My child,

the ways that I walk,

and tread these paths beside Me.

the world dances to a different tune,

so press your ear close to My song and


these words that I sing to you,

lest you forget in the valley

the songs that we sang on the mountaintop,

for My words still ring true in the storm.

take My hand, little one,

for I long to be near you,

and shield you from fear

and the terror of night.

observe, My child,

the ways that I walk,

and tread these paths beside Me.

How do you keep your eyes on the ways of the Lord? What are some of your favorite Scriptures or quotes to bring to mind when you’re needing to refocus on God?

Photo by Zack Silver on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “observe – a poem

  1. This is such a beautiful poem! I love the truth of God as our Father, holding our hand, leading us on His Path. I’ve been experiencing many little decisions needing to be made right now, and seeking to honor God, asking Him to direct my paths. This is just the poem to describe me now! 😄 Thanks for sharing, Laurel! 🤗

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  2. Laurel, I love your poem!  It brings much comfort, I think. It tells us that we are never alone, not to fear.I’m so proud of you and your use of your God-given talents!Much love,Grandma

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