Clarion Hope’s dedication

Four more days!!

For the windblown souls who have caught the notes of hope’s clarion call.
May these words be the hug and the shove that you need.

clarion hope’s dedication (laurel Luehmann)

Last July I typed out a dedication for Clarion Hope in the Notes app on my phone. This one is nearly verbatim.

As I wrote, gathered, and selected the poems for this collection, one of my goals was “to comfort the disturbed and to disturb the comfortable.” (That’s been attributed to a few different people, so I won’t even try.XD)

I want Clarion Hope to be a refuge of truth and encouragement for the ones who have been broken…the ones who have wondered if they are beyond healing and redemption. I want it to speak truth and life into hurting hearts, serving as a reminder that there is no wound Christ cannot heal, no sin He cannot blot out.

For the ones who have become comfortable with the walls they’ve erected around their comfort zones, I want it to be a challenge and a call to action. An encouragement to see the courage and calling that is ours in Christ. A reminder that eternity yawns beyond the grave, and that the blip of life we’re given on earth is screaming to be spent in a worthy way.

but what songs will not be sung,
and what tales will not be told
if I venture not outside my door
to burgle dragon’s gold?

from “wardrobe” – Clarion Hope

If that sounds like a reminder you need, feel free to snag your own copy of Clarion Hope here!

Do you have any favorite books that come to mind with these descriptions?

Stay the course!

❤ Laurel

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