wardrobe – a poem

Hello, friends!

Today I’ve got a poem for you inspired by some pretty awesome characters from literature…

I’m Lucy in the wardrobe,

Bilbo at his door,

Mary at the garden’s edge,

Jo longing for New York…

afraid to leave behind the world

and life I’ve always known,

afraid to lead a different life

than what this land has known…

but what songs will not be sung,

and what tales will not be told

if I venture not outside my door

to burgle dragons’ gold?

Fun fact: this poem stars in my latest poetry book, Clarion Hope!

What are some of your favorite classics, and who are some of your favorite characters from those books?


14 thoughts on “wardrobe – a poem

  1. Love this one. One of my favorite classics is Les Misérables, and some of my favorite characters from there are Jean Valjean, Javert, and Enjolras. Have you read Les Mis?

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      1. Ahahaha, understandably! It’s really good though. I recommend. (I have a reputation for overhyping books I love, so I’m not going to say much other than that I personally think it’s really good and I recommend it. :’D The only thing intimidating about it is that it has tons of historical-and-social-and-cultural rabbit trails that take you away from the story for chapters and chapters at a time—that can get annoying and be slow to slog through. But. It is worthwhile, in mine own opinion. And they’re pretty interesting anyway. I just don’t like to be taken from the story so much. 😅)

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  2. I love this poem so much!!! 💛
    I love Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth, Jane, and Darcy are favorites), Little Women (I love the relationship between the sisters), The Chronicles of Narnia (again, the siblings are my favorite (Aslan is my favorite of all those characters)), Anne Of Green Gables (Anne is so wonderful), and so many more! What about you?

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    1. I’m so glad!! ❤
      Oh, those are all gold!! Little Women is one of my all-time favorites…it seems like no matter where you are in life when you give it a reread, at least one of the sisters is dealing with something relatable. I'm also reading through The Chronicles of Narnia for the first time, and so enjoying it! A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens) is also one of my favorites. Dickens just has the best plots and some incredible characters. ❤

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      1. 💛💛💛
        YES!!! That is so true! Each sister really has something you can relate to no matter what walk of life you are in which is just amazing! I love how stories can do that!!! 💛
        Ahhh!!! That’s so exciting!!! I love Narnia (even though I still haven’t read the final book even though this is my FAVORITE series 😅)!
        Ooo!!! I need to read that one! I’m currently reading Oliver Twist and it is SO good! The characters and the DIALOGUE is so incredible! I feel like I’m learning so much about how to write just by reading his work! 😍

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