I’m struck by how often the Bible exhorts God’s people to remember what has happened in the past. This poem came from my thoughts on that.:)


when you walked in that


even though I said


that the rain clouds were

close to you

close and



when I ran through the


to go get you and you


on my chest, told me

you would


next time

and so here we are at

next time

I don’t think you


I didn’t ask you to


all that guilt in your


or that feeling of


that is flooding you now

darling, no.

just remember

in the rain and the


I was there in the


I was there




Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Remember

  1. So beautiful, Laurel! I’m especially picky when it comes to free form poetry (just personal taste, nothing against anyone else!) but I always enjoy yours quite a bit, and this was no exception. Isn’t it funny how sometimes we seem to remember everything about the past storms of life except the parts that really matter? We remember how guilty we felt, we remember how un-fun it was… But somehow we forget how God wrapped His arms around us and carried us through those storms. And that’s the most important part in every situation.
    Once again, well done!


    1. Oh, thank you! I’m so glad. I’m with you on the freeform poetry pickiness – I viewed all freeform poetry with disdain until I found myself writing it one day… and never stopped!😂 The irony…

      Ah, that’s so true. God wants us to wallow in His faithfulness, not our failures!

      Thanks so much for sharing.😊

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  2. Amazing poem, Laurel! I love the way it flows … and it’s sooo heartbreaking and sad because it reminds me of my dark moments, but it’s also touching and true! Please never stop writing, you’ve got so much gold, girl!! 🤗😚

    Liked by 1 person

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