In which Laurel Burgess interviews Laurel Luehmann

Hello, friends!

This weekend I got to answer some questions from a writing friend, Laurel Burgess! I ran into Laurel in online writing communities about two years ago, and have continued to enjoy her writing, her bubbly personality, and her hilarious sense of humor! I had such a fun time answering her questions about writing, farming, and my hopes for my writing future. If you’re interested…

read the interview here!

Laurel (the other Laurel! XD) is just so much fun, and I really enjoy her short story, Attack of the Gummy Worms.



Tim Rodrey is a specialist in fighting creatures and saving the world. 

What does he do specifically? Sorry, he works for the SCA. The “S” stands for secret. Next question? Uh no. The small girl with the tutu is not his sidekick. That would be his niece. He was sort of babysitting her before the gummy worms attacked the subdivision. 

That really messed things up. Good thing he’s a professional and has absolutely no fear in leading people.

It had me laughing so much! If you need a good laugh and a quick read, you should definitely check it out. The best part is that it’s available for FREE when you subscribe to Laurel’s newsletter here!

So tell me…what’s your go-to when you need a book that will make you laugh?

❤ Laurel (Luehmann)

2 thoughts on “In which Laurel Burgess interviews Laurel Luehmann

  1. It was cool to read that interview and learn more about your process. (Also, I would TOTALLY buy a devotional written by you. That’s a cool thought.)

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