glowing horizon – a poem

the sun slips behind a glowing horizon,

weary of casting light upon

the wicked deeds of man.


in the morning…

but over and over

the sun rises and sets

on a world that crowns wickedness

and spits in the face of righteousness.

one day…

I know…

a greater Son will rise and

fall no more,

casting light on a throng of faithful men

who treasured the light of this Son

while others basked only in the glory of

the one that slips now beneath a glowing horizon.

Will I ever stop writing poetry that a.) contains sunset imagery, and b.) looks forward to eternity?

I think not.

❤ Laurel

Photo by Dan Cook on Unsplash

8 thoughts on “glowing horizon – a poem

  1. Ahh, this is lovely! It reminds me of a passage I read today, “(The Most High) Himself is kind and gracious and good to the ungrateful and the wicked. Be merciful (responsive, compassionate, tender) just as your [heavenly] Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:35-36) Wow, God’s heart of kindness is utterly amazing! ♥ Thanks for sharing this, sis! ♥

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  2. This is very beautiful, Laurel. You follow the quote from “Little Women” in such a great way with the way you use words. I do need to get a copy of your second book sometime. Love you, Fran

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